Sweet Potato Zoodle Pad Thai

Wow, you guys! I made this for lunch for the hubs.  Wow wow wow.  It tasted as good as it looks.  The colors, the aroma…and oh yeah, THE TASTE!!!!  Delicious!  First, the sweet smell of the sweet potato zoodles simmering away on the stove…but then, that peanut butter.  It just filled the air with this deliciousness.  Is that even a word?  Who cares….it was wonderful!!!

This dish was so easy to make.  Just get out the spiralizer and off you go!

A few ingredients whipped together, voila…Pad Thai!!!! Do I sound obsessed yet? Ok, good.  It was just so good. The heat from the sirracha, the hint of sweet from the honey and then the basil at the end.  I was in heaven. Here is the recipe I used.  Next time, only change would be to possibly add a protein.    http://chelsealeblancrdn.com/sweet-potato-zoodle-pad-thai/