Date night on Saturday night…the hubs and I decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants in Lancaster, Ma(i)son.  Did you hear the news? It’s one on Alton Brown’s favorite restaurants too.  Farm to table, at it’s finest!!

We started with the Baked Fromage and the Beef Tartare.  The Baked Fromage is just one of those earthy, cheesy, yummy dishes where you want to just lick the plate clean.  I have had a lot of Tuna Tartare in the past, but never Beef.  It did not disappoint.  Light, yet full of flavor and beautifully presented.

For my main course, I ordered the Parisienne Gnocchi.  Ohhh.  Emmm.  Geee.  I don’t even really like mushrooms, and yet this dish hit it out of the ballpark.  Not too heavy, lots of yummy snap peas, and that sauce…ohhh, the sauce.  A cream sauce you could just get lost in.  Again, if no one had been looking and fine dining protocol had gone out the window, I would have picked up my plate and drank that cream sauce.

Two desserts, both wonderfully delicious…but my heart (and taste buds) are with that cake drenched in honey.

I hope it’s obvious, and maybe needless to say, we LOVED our meal at Ma(i)son.