An impromptu date night last night led us to one of my favorite restaurants.  It’s the kind of restaurant where, no matter what, you find yourself ordering everything off the menu.  It’s just so good, you want to try EVERYTHING!!!!! Well…that is Luca.  Every. Single. Time.

The star of our meal last night (and it’s so hard to pick) was the Norcia Pizza.  So many different tastes coming together, you just get lost in it all.  I got lost in pizza!

Some other yummy dishes we devoured last night…

Potato Gnocchi & Oxtail Ragu

The Oxtail Ragu is one of our go-to all time favorite plates at Luca.  If you haven’t had it…RUN and go get some!  The gnocchi is fresh and light…but the sauce…ohhhh the sauce.  I want to swim in that sauce.

Lardo Bruschetta

You had me at Asian Pear Jam….no need to say any more.  But, I could actually go on and on and on about this dish.  So rich and flavorful and just downright YUMMY!!!

Beef Carpaccio