Korean Beef Bowls

Korean Beef Bowl

I saw this recipe online and knew instantly I needed to make it!  You had me at Korean Beef.  It has all the things I love…beef, soy sauce, heat and sesame oil.  So here are the deets.  This meal is SOOO darn easy to make, it almost seems too good to be true.  I’m here to say…it’s not. It’s just that easy and tastes just that good.  This made plenty for the hubs and I to devour for dinner and there was even some for leftovers this week for lunch.

My only changes:

  • The hubby does not like cucumbers.  Can you imagine that? Well, not only does he not like them, he thinks they flavor his food. So, I couldn’t even let them touch the food and therefore, I just left them off completely.
  • The hubby also went grocery shopping for me today so that I could have a little quiet time and nice glass of wine.  We were all out of Gochujang Sauce…and so he picked up Thai Chili Sauce instead.  No offense to Thai Chili Sauce, which is super yummy in it’s own right, but it’s DEFINITELY not Gochujang.  So, instead, I used some Sriracha and the Thai Chili Sauce on my bowl.
  • Sesame Seeds.  I forgot about them!  OOPS!  I have them in my pantry and completely forgot to sprinkle them over this lovely bowl before I took this beauty of a picture.  Don’t worry though, I promptly got them out and doused our bowls with sesame seeds.

All in all, this meal was a winner and will definitely go into my rotation. Here is the link to the recipe: http://www.skinnytaste.com/korean-beef-rice-bowls/