Crust and Craft

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We are about half way into our vacation, and I’ve decided this might be the best vacation yet since these little rascals came along a few years ago.  If you have kids, especially small kids, then you know the struggle is real. I’ve always thought of myself as a beach person, a vacation person, a person that loves to travel.  Then my kids came into my life and, well, things change.  My perception changed.  It’s not that I don’t love my kids…I do, of course.  But…vacation just takes on a whole new meaning once there are littles to care for and look after.  Sitting on the beach or by the pool, reading a book or taking a nap, or just relaxing is a thing of the past.  Vacation, in some ways, becomes work.  I get back home and need my own vacation from our vacation.

This year is different.  I’ll have more thoughts on this as our week comes to an end in a few days.  But, for now, this has been just the best week we have ever had.  A lot of the time, it doesn’t feel like work.  And, to see the joy on my babies faces, fills my heart with joy.

Ok.  Now, back to the food.  We have been having such a good time in the sun and the sand…I must say, I’ve been forgetting to snap pictures.  So, last night we went to Crust and Craft in Rehoboth, DE..and I was on a mission! Here are the deets on our ahhmazing dinner:

The Vibe:

Although Crust and Craft was located in a strip mall right off Route One near the outlets in Rehoboth, the inside was very industrial.  The bar, right off the entrance, boasts craft beer and other made to order cocktails.  Although the hubs ordered a Mispillion River Brewing Co Pineapple Express, I ordered a sangria.  Refreshing and full of color.

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Crust and Craft has an easy kids menu that went over great for a 5-year-old and a 2.5-year-old.  PIZZA!  What kid doesn’t love pizza?  Although there were several items to choose from, we got them a pepperoni pizza to split.  12 inch pizza = more than enough for these kiddos to munch on while they watch their favorite movie: Trolls!

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So, my hubby and I ordered an appetizer and two pizzas to split.  It was a ton of food, but well worth it.  To start we opted for the Brussel Sprout dish.  The plate consisted of Brussel Sprouts, squash, apple, smoked blue cheese and dressed with balsamic.  The creamy blue cheese mixed well with the tartness of the apple and the balsamic.  It was light and easy to share.

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The pizza, though.  Oh, the pizza.  I’m a sucker for a wood fired oven.  I just love when the edges of my pizza get a little blistered and a bit blackened.  Crust and Craft has seven pizzas to choose from, a pick your own topping pizza called the Yo, and a special menu with an additional Summer pizza.  We picked The Goodfella and the Summer pizza.

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The Goodfella pizza was probably my favorite.  Bubbly cheese, peppers and sausage = you had me at hello! It was delicious and definitely my favorite!  The Summer pizza was also delicious.  The star was the artichokes sprinkled all over the Summer pizza.  It was so yummy!

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To sum it all up…our experience at Crust and Craft was perfect.  I’m always looking for new, easy and delicious places to eat with my family while we are on vacation.  Something a little different and not crazy busy with tourists.  Crust and Craft was a perfect addition to our dinner rotation here at the beach. Check them out here: