Cauliflower Fried Rice

Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE cooking with sesame oil? I love making or eating any type of Asian dish. Some of my favorites to make at home are Korean BBQ Tacos and General Tso’s Chicken.  Just recently, I whipped up the General Tso’s Chicken over cauliflower rice. (The recipe for that is here on the blog. I’ve served it over white rice before and recently tried it with cauliflower rice.)

So, I am trying my hand at Cauliflower Fried Rice…and baby it did not disappoint!  I’m not going to lie…I don’t really like cauliflower! Gasp!  In fact, I never buy it.  I think it smells bad and what would I do with it? Well, I’ve heard so many friends and people I admire in food and photography, talking about it…I had to give cauliflower rice a try.  Once you get past the initial smell of the cauliflower before it is cooked, this dish is so easy to whip up.  It does not taste like cauliflower in any way, nor does it smell badly.  (Note – After I made this a few times, my local grocery store FINALLY started carrying frozen cauliflower rice!!  No mess, no stress.)

Cauliflower Fried Rice yields such a healthy meal as you could have this for lunch or dinner. Just 122 calories per serving.  It could be a side dish or your main course.  See the link for the recipe I followed.  The only changes I made was I used a shallot instead of a white onion.  I also added a little bit of gochujang for some heat and a little bit of hoisin sauce as well.  I mixed those in at the end.  Next time, I might add some chicken for even more protein, sesame seeds for crunch and a sprinkle of cilantro.