Bethany Beach

LancFoodieGirl is at the beach!  FINALLY!  Vacation is here.  Yahoooo!  We are so excited to be here in Bethany Beach.  I am here with my family – my hubby and our two adorable boys (see pictures) and my parents (babysitters).  

Ethan at Bethany



















We arrived here in Bethany late yesterday afternoon.  We decided on a 3-bedroom townhouse versus the 4-bedroom we had last year. OMG.  My boys shared a room last night and we all survived!  I can’t freaking believe we pulled that off.  My 5-year-old and my 2.5-year-old actually slept in the same room and Mommy and Daddy not only got through it, but we got some shut-eye as well. Wow.

Colin Bethany Beach



















This morning we hit the beach early.  That’s our thing.  That’s what we’ve learned after several years of beach fails; we hit the beach early.  Stay as long as we can handle it and then go home for lunch, naps and down time.  Today was the BEST beach day I’ve ever had since these little rascals came into my life.  It was awesome. (And let me tell you – I am not a sand/beach person. I’m a pool girl through and through.) All of us had a great time.  We hit the beach, we hit the ocean and we hit the pool.

So, here I am.  LancFoodieGirl at the beach.  I am excited to try out some new restaurants both here in Bethany and in Rehoboth.  We are visiting a few old favorites such as Bethany Blues and Blackwall Hitch in Rehoboth, and trying out a few new restaurants as well.  On my list of new restaurants to try: Crust and Craft in Rehoboth and Difebos here in Bethany.  I’ll update with our sandy beach travels and food travels throughout the week.  Until then…