About Me

Hi!  Thanks for visiting LancFoodieGirl.  My name is Jessica.  I’m a self-described food junkie.  I love food photography, cooking, baking, trying new restaurants and just about anything to do with food.

By trade I work in corporate America…banking to be exact.  That is my day job.  I like to think I “moonlight” as a foodie.  I eat, sleep and breathe food.  I day dream everyday about racing home and whipping up any number of creations in my kitchen or running off to my favorite restaurant to order everything off the menu.

When I’m not at my day job, researching recipes or just obsessing about food in general, I typically can be found hanging out with my family!  That includes my husband, Chris (that’s us up above), and our two amazing kiddos!  We have 2 boys – a five year old and a two year old…and oh yeah…I can’t forget our lovable cat, Princess.